Bella Bluegrass

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Bella Bluegrass Available as Plugs

Bella Bluegrass plugs are ideal for very small yards, patios, or rooftop areas where you want to enjoy the look and feel of a low maintenance lawn but ordering sod is not possible or impractical.

Bella Bluegrass is available for sale as plugs in limited markets. Please use the map above or scroll down below to select the market closest to you!

Plugs are available in 70 or 72 plug trays, depending on the supplier

Bella Bluegrass plug. Bella Bluegrass plug. Bella Bluegrass plugs in ground. Bella Bluegrass plus all grown in.

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Bella Bluegrass

  • Dark, green alpine color
  • Low to no mowing - reduced mowing 50%-80%
  • Excellent heat tolerance
  • Very good wear and injury recovery
  • Requires 20-30% less irrigation than standard bluegrass

Bella Bluegrass Plugs


Dr. Robert Shearman | University of Nebraska
"For a Kentucky bluegrass, I am impressed with Bella. It is dark green, low-growing, and has excellent heat and drought resistance"
Wayne Thorson | Todd Valley Farms
"Bella has a very dark green, dense turf canopy that helps prevent weed growth, and since it only grows 3-4 inches tall, the end user can reduce mowing by 50 to 80%"
Warren Bell | BioGrass Sod Farms
"The most striking feature of Bella are its dark blue green color, slow and low growth habit, and its ability to spread laterally. Bella provides a low input lawn without sacrificing any quality characteristics. it is truly a revolutionary grass."